Peroxidase-positive round cells, an unstained round cell and unstained sperm.


            Cytochemical Stain For Detecting Granulocytes in Semen


  • 5-component kit
  • 1-step sample preparation
  • 1-step reagent preparation
  • 1-step immediate result
  •   peroxidase control included so no need to obtain blood specimen as a control 
  • 50 - 300 determinations per kit
  • 18-month shelf life
  • Background

    High white blood cell concentrations in semen, referred to as leucocytospermia, have been associated with genital tract infection and poor semen quality. The predominant white blood cell type is the polymorphonuclear granulocyte, normally comprising 50 - 80% of total seminal white blood cells. This subpopulation can be detected using a peroxidase test which visualizes the enzyme peroxidase in cells.

    The WHO Manual classifies the detection of white blood cells in semen as a standard, rather than an optional, method for the examination of human semen.

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